How Long Does Alcohol Stay In The Body?

Unlike other depressant drugs, alcohol is legal and easily accessible. Because of this, drinkers find themselves wondering the length of time that alcohol stays in your body. The answer is simple because the body goes through a predictable process when you consume alcoholic beverages. If you consider yourself a habitual drinker, check out this article to learn how long you need to wait before getting behind the wheel. —> Read More <—

How Long Does Alcohol Stay In Breast Milk?

If you have a child that you breastfeed, reading this article is a must. You will learn about the things you need to consider before you go out on the town and have a few drinks with your friends. Also, you will find out how long you need to wait after you drink before you can safely breastfeed your child. Feeding your child milk that is contaminated with alcohol can harm your baby so check it before you have a drink. —> Read More <—

How Long Does Alcohol Stay In Saliva?

If you have a saliva drug test coming up, this is the post you have to read if you drink regularly. A lot of employers in the United States conduct these tests randomly or sometimes they schedule them monthly to make sure you are sober on the job. It is a growing trend and when that shows no signs of stopping so it is vital that you know about alcohol and the length of time it stays in your saliva. —> Read More <—

How Long Does Urine Stay In Your Urine?

There are a lot of factors that will help you determine how many hours it takes for alcohol to leave your urine. It is important that you learn because companies also perform urine tests to make sure you don’t have any traces of drugs or alcohol in you. If you are planning to go to a party or just have a drink at home, take a look at this article before you decide to drink it. —> Read More <—

How Long Does Alcohol Stay In Your Blood?

It is important to know what your blood alcohol level is at all times if you are drinking in a bar and have to drive home. At the moment, the legal limit is 0.08. If you are above this level and behind the wheel you will get arrested for driving while under the influence and suffer serious consequences. This is article will teach you how long you have to wait if you are over the limit depending on a few factors like your age, ethnicity, and body fat. —> Read More <—

How Long Does Alcohol Stay In Your Hair?

A lot of people don’t know that when you drink alcohol, your hair quietly receives fragments of alcohol that can stay for there a long time. There are exams called hair alcohol tests that can spot your alcohol level within a specific span of time.  Read this post to learn how long alcohol remains in your hair and also learn about some common fallacies people have when hair tests are conducted on them at work. —> Read More <—

How Long Does Alcohol Stay In Your Liver?

Alcohol has a lot of negative effect on your liver and can be difficult to clean out if you decide to stop drinking. If you were a heavy drinker in the past and are looking to change your ways by cleansing your body, it is important to know how long it is going to take. Read this post to learn more about that and also how alcohol affects your liver in the long term if you decide to continue drinking. —> Read More <—

Does Alcohol Show Up On A Drug Test

A lot of people aren’t even sure what kind of substances can be detected on your average drug test. Others don’t even understand that alcohol is a drug also and think only substances such as heroin and marijuana are considered drugs. In this post, we answer the question on whether alcohol can be spotted on a drug tests and how long it can be discovered after your last drink. Read carefully if your company makes you take these tests on a regular basis. —> Read More <—

How Long does It Take Alcohol To Leave Your System?

Driving the morning after a long night of drinking is the norm for a lot of people on a crazy weekend. Evaluating whether they are alright to drive or not Is the question that they usually ask themselves before they hit the road. If you want to make sure you are actually ready to drive, you need to know how long it takes for alcohol to leave your system which is the question that we explore here. —> Read More <—

How Long Does Alcohol Stay On Your Breath For A Breathalyzer?

Cops are performing breathalyzer tests more often these days so it’s important to know about how they work and for how long after your last drink that they can detect alcohol in your system. This post will teach you all you need to know about them so that you never fail a breathalyzer test and pass with flying colors every single time cops stop you on the road. Definitely wish I knew all about this a few years ago. —> Read More <—